Donald Trump’s Response to the Democrats’ Impeachment Charges is Pure Fire

PLUS: Mark Levin reads my article on the media's fake Trump "incitement" narrative...

Greetings! Here is a quick-and-dirty rundown of today’s biggest stories.

But first, a few quick announcements. Conservative radio host Mark Levin read my story “The Trump Incitement Narrative About the Capitol Riot is Falling Apart Before Our Very Eyes” on-air on last night’s episode.

If you didn’t have a chance, you can read it here. You can also listen to the outstanding eight-minute segment from “The Great One” below.

This segment is particularly relevant because the House Impeachment Managers are holding Donald Trump “singularly responsible” for the Capitol riot.

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Donald Trump himself had an amazing response that destroys the Democrats’ divisive and futile arguments that he “incited an insurrection” at the capitol.

It’s a must-read that is definitely worth the time.

There are a handful of other stories that made waves. One of the biggest was AOC’s drama-soaked and quite incredible version of the Capitol siege.

“Hide, hide, run and hide,” she recounts one of the staffers allegedly telling her.

They allegedly hid in a bathroom for about six hours in Katie Porter’s office.

“I hope I get to be a mom,” Porter claims Ocasio-Cortez said. “I hope I don’t die today.”

According to a New York Times timeline, the first breach was about 2 p.m. and the Sergeant-at-Arms declared the Capitol building secure around 5:16 p.m. This is considerably less than six hours.

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Speaking of incendiary statements, Biden’s deputy spokesperson in the State Department is under fire for a number of outrageous statements.

Jalina Porter, the new deputy spokesperson for the State Department, has a pointed view about the nation's law enforcement:

"The largest threat to US national security are US cops. Not ISIS, not Russian hackers, not anyone or anything else. If ya’ll don’t wake up and rise up to this truth, the genocide against Blacks in America will continue until we are near extinct. That’s not the world I seek to live in or create for myself and those around me." [Read more.]

In other news, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis threw down against Big Tech interference in U.S. elections in an animated speech at the Florida State Capitol on Tuesday.

“It’s high time that we step up to the plate to ensure the protection of the people and their rights,” the governor said.

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And now my second announcement: I am now a contributor to Red State!

My first article is about the Biden’s disregard for appearances of impropriety in handling the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s activities.

The reactions to the news that the Biden administration has appointed a lawyer connected to Hunter Biden’s legal team to serve in the Department of Justice is equally unsettling.

“While not speaking to any particular matter,” a DOJ spokesperson told Axios, “all department employees are governed by the department’s ethics rules, including rules concerning recusal.”

“This situation is one of the many initial tests of Biden’s ethics pledge, which looks great on paper, but time will tell if it is effective in practice,” added Kedric Payne of the Campaign Legal Center. “Enforcement is essential.”

This is hardly reassuring, just like the vanishing former Attorney General’s knowledge of the Hunter Biden probe, and his subsequent decision not to appoint a Special Counsel. That is a decision that grows more questionable by the day. [Read more]

Thank you all for reading and for remaining engaged in the fight for America.