"There is no *available* FDA approved licensed vaccine. Here's what is happening. If FDA approved & licensed COVID19 vaccine, it would have to revoke the EUA..."
The latest scientific evidence shows that the lockdowns and childhood mask mandates were far from 'worth it.'
PLUS: Here is Who is Behind All Those ‘Hate Crimes’ Against Asians You’ve Been Hearing About in the News
PLUS: 13 Woke Corporations Fight Back Against Texas Mask Mandate Repeal
PLUS: Mike Pence is Making a Big-Time Move to Show He’s Got Donald Trump’s Back
PLUS: Ex-Capitol Police Chief’s Testimony Blows Up Dem Narrative About Capitol Riot Attack
READ: Justice Thomas’s Blazing Dissent in Pennsylvania Election Case is One for the Ages
A new bill concedes numerous concerns about voting machines that were of bi-partisan complaint both prior to and after the presidential election...
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