Donald Trump Issues a Direct Message to the American People & Opens New Office...

Plus: Biden Just Weighed in With A Definitive Position on Trump’s Impeachment Trial & More!

Former President Donald Trump has remained relatively quiet since the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

The ex-president is now issuing a message to his tens of millions of followers, whom have been cut off from direct communication with him by Big Tech giants and mainstream media outlets.

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President Joe Biden is reversing prior weak statements and abandoning all pretense of ‘unifying’ the country by backing the impeachment trial of prospective future presidential campaign rival Donald Trump.

Biden made much more extensive and clear comments about his stance on the impeachment trial, as reported by CNN:

“I think it has to happen,” Biden told CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins. [Read More.]

Senator Rand Paul is standing up for Donald Trump and the U.S. Constitution, which is silent on the matter of whether or not a private citizen can be tried for impeachment.

The Kentucky Senator unleashed on the hot button issue, which has already spoiled the “honeymoon period” of the Biden administration. The senator is deciding to press the matter on the Senate floor.

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The nine House impeachment managers congregated today to advance the Democrats’ real agenda for America: Obtaining a Senate impeachment trial conviction against Donald Trump, so that he can never run for higher office again.

Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin recited the Democrats’ “case” that alleging “widespread election fraud” is tantamount to inciting an “insurrection”:

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It has now been reported by Senate sources that Justice Roberts will recuse himself in the Senate impeachment trial of former president Donald Trump. The reason is fairly simple: The Constitution does not lay out how to impeach a private citizen.

There has been a replacement reportedly selected, and it is not current Vice President and President of the Senate Kamala Harris.

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It was a story that loomed over the Trump presidency throughout his four years, due to breathless reporting about every possible way that the billionaire real estate mogul might profit while in office.

The Supreme Court just put an end to such endless speculation by dropping the emoluments clause cases.

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Jake Tapper hit California Rep. Eric Swalwell with an ‘awkward’ question asking him to clarify his relations with alleged Chinese spy ‘Fang Fang.’

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Where’s Hunter?

On Sunday, the now First Son was with his father in a presidential motorcade on the way to mass at a church in Georgetown. The shadowy figure, who has been at the center of a federal investigation since 2018, made a simple request that his pops couldn’t resist.

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California Governor Gavin Newsom is finally expected to relent and cease tormenting citizens and businesses with his unlawful lockdown orders.

The miraculous news that a parting of the sea of unlawful decrees comes by way of a letter by the California Restaurant Association.

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Americans haven’t gotten through a week of the Biden administration, but the new president appears to be on a mission to make the disastrous Obama administration look fantastic by comparison.

One thing we need to do is keep track of all the damage this new president is doing to the country. While Biden already has one of the worst early approval ratings of any modern president — extremely odd for a candidate who super-legitimately got 81 million votes! — he may be on a record pace to reach Jimmy Carter era lows within months.

Joe Biden has already burned through 30 executive orders and actions with more promised for this week. He may need to borrow Obama’s auto-pen to keep up at this clip. Here are Biden’s worst policies… so far.

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