President Trump is Leaving One Final Message to Americans — And Dems are Now Coming Unglued

President Donald Trump has been the biggest nemesis to the radical left since the day he announced that he was running for The White House.

“The greatest danger we face is a loss of confidence in ourselves — a loss of confidence in our national greatness.”

“We are — and must always be — a land of hope, of light and of glory to all the world.”

The message of hope comes as the Capitol has transformed into a militarized zone.

A new report suggests up to 65,000 National Guard troops are now in the Capitol.

If this *were* a military coup, it would not look any differently.

The Inauguration is nonetheless draped in the trappings of patriotism.

The left are delusional enough to believe they have voted out a “dictator.”

The National Guard is reportedly vetting troops for their political ideology.

There are reports of very dubious criteria, which would be a massive scandal.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had a fiery retort to such reports.

Meanwhile, the Democrats still can’t let go of their Russia hoax.

Both Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi are calling for blood with a 9/11-style commission on Trump-Russia collusion, which the Mueller report should have buried.

The main driver of this extremism is the American media have utterly failed.

The left keeps cranking up the dangerous rhetoric and conspiracy talk.

There is now evidence *China* is seeking to spread the Dems’ inflammatory messages.

The Democrats will literally say anything to gain power; this rightly has many Americans concerned if they will do anything to remain in power.

The Dems’ behavior raises even more questions about the Capitol siege [thread]:

New videos [click to watch] keep coming out that scream something is seriously *off.*

Capitol Police were not only warned in advance, they were warned in real-time.

Did left-wing infiltrators seek to frame Trump supporters?

Was it all a set-up to drive a new impeachment narrative? Regardless, Republicans are reaping the whirlwind if they piled onto the Dems’ politicized impeachment charade.

Washington politicians sabotaged Trump’s presidency coming in with Spygate, now they are carrying out a revenge operation to destroy his political legacy.

It won’t stop with Trump. Republicans need to know it is political survival time.

It is also survival time for America’s noble experiment in self-governance.

Americans now have a better understanding why Trump was such a backyard brawler.

Trump’s entire presidency was spent fending off truly fanatical political extremists.

That has become perfectly clear as the Democrats’ unhinged actions give the lies to their vain talk of “unity.”