People are Noticing Something Odd About Kamala Harris & Biden Photos Showing Them Traveling Together

PLUS: Here is Who is Behind All Those ‘Hate Crimes’ Against Asians You’ve Been Hearing About in the News

It’s only Monday and it already seems like a hectic news week. Let’s round up the best, most important viral news stories.

People are starting to notice something unusual about Biden and Kamala’s photos together. Do you see what the problem is?

Meanwhile, some damning internal emails have been found in Fulton County, Georgia. They suggest an election vote farming cover-up.

The media can’t get enough of talking about “hate crimes” against Asian Americans. But whose is behind them and what’s the real story?

Jen Psaki had a bad case of the Mondays.

Brad Raffensperger got some bad news from Donald Trump.

A Democrats speaks out against Pelosi’s attempt to steal an election.

A new Biden spending bill would add trillions more to its already massive spending.

Finally, disturbing leaked audio explains a lot about Biden’s presidency.

It is one more piece in a puzzle about why the radical left seems to be pulling the strings on a presidential puppet.