National Guard General *Blows Up* Capitol Riots Narrative, Reveals ‘Unusual’ Directive

PLUS: 13 Woke Corporations Fight Back Against Texas Mask Mandate Repeal

The commanding general of the D.C. National Guard blew a gigantic hole in the narrative that the Capitol building security was merely ‘unprepared’ for the riots of January 6th.

The security was inadequate because the Commander of the National Guard was told not to authorize additional troops, including a “quick reaction” team, without the express approval of a civil authority. That would include Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the House Sergeant at Arms.

The explosive testimony of Maj. Gen. William J. Walker came at a Congressional hearing to determine the origins of the Capitol building attack. Senator Rob Portman’s interrogation of Walker gives Americans a precise rundown of what happened. 
[WATCH the testimony here.]

Also, a judge has found evidence of massive mail-in voter fraud in a 2020 election.


Woke corporations are fighting back against Texas' and Mississippi’s lifting of lockdown orders and mask mandates.

[See all the corporations and their statements here.]

But the Mississippi governor is firing back at Biden after his “Neanderthal” slam.

[Check it out here.]

We also now know that the CPAC/Nazi stage conspiracy theory was a complete scam.

[Read about it here.]

And of course, cancel culture is now completely out-of-control. Here are the most ridiculous recent examples.

[Check out all the left’s targets here.]

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