I think this statement is wrong: ‘The money was allegedly paid using campaign funds, a violation of campaign finance law.’ I think the opposite is the case. He didn’t use campaign funds but his own money but didn’t declare it as a campaign contribution. The is what Cohen pled guilty to. But afterward the FEC concluded the payment wasn’t a campaign contribution after all.

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Alvin is a fool and tool. Bought and paid for by Soros.

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Meanwhile, an NYC Democrat voter gets what she voted for - robbed twice in a week: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-escape-from-new-york-part-35b

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Soros causes more destruction to everyone & everything he touches than any controlled demolition crew.

He must be a miserable human; some psychiatrist would have a field day.

The name “Soros” immediately conjures up words like evil, destruction, anger, self-annointed, buying influence, ungrateful, opportunist, filthy rich, etc.

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NYC is a cesspool of corruption and crime. I hope this Grand Jury sees through the bs and Bragg gets humiliated. Then he needs his law license revoked, but it’s NY so won’t happen. What a cluster f*** this whole charade is.

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Well of course he did. Now suddenly there leaks about the fake classified documents case.

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Soros invests in unethical evil actors. History, history!!

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Dershowitz Air EPSTEIN frequent flyer #2 is like Trump-2024 I want a pardon too;

What better way to kick-off Trump-2024 than to make him 'appear' to be a J6 Fellow, without ever having to sleep a night in DC-Gorilla owned cages;

What else can be said?

Orange Conman never apologized for;

bending over backwards 24/7 for Israel

sponsoring Big Pharma (Operation Warp Speed)

not breaking up Big Tech giants like Google/YouTube, Facebook, Twitter (basically all the Covid 'fact checkers' and government propagandists) by continuing to turn a blind eye on their consistent abuse of Section 230. (until the Orange Dumbf•ck was kicked off Tw@tter himself, real 3-D chess... 🤣 )

sponsoring the MIC (record billions spent on 'defense.')

sponsoring Wall Street (hiring Jay Powell and Steve Mnuchin)

not building The Wall

not "locking her up"

hiring neocon fascists (Pompeo, Haspel, Wurmser, Haley, Bolton) and a convicted war criminal like Elliott Abrams

dragging Assange out of the Ecuadorian embassy in London

not Pardoning Assange, Snowden, Manning

hiring Epstein prosecutor Acosta who cut Epstein a sweetheart deal

People Should be Judged by the Friends they Keep & Hang Out with

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Mar 23·edited Apr 4

You didn't supply the link to the Fox News Report, that seems to be what you are basing your opinion on, you only provided an Image from a Fox News Report. If you shared this on Social Media, you would most likely be crucified for failing to provide source. I know I won't share this without the proof, even if I agree with most of what is said.

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An NYC elected official engaging in white-collar malicious vengeance conspiracy,hate crime and

complete abuse of authority as a "DISTRICT ATTORNEY"[Soros paid character assassin].

One of many members of a plain clothed insurgency FORCE sleeper cell that have infiltrated US electoral politics.

An act of war?

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Do you think they really care? Just like the vaccine injury deniers, they'll go through with this prosecution despite the allegations of egregious misconduct withholding evidence.

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"Donald Trump is expected to face a potential indictment from the grand jury on Wednesday. "

No, he isn't and wasn't. We get it though...the goal is to keep lying to set expectations for an imminent indictment/arrest scenario so that it gives the MAGAt Trump KKKult a tingle up their legs every time it was supposed to happen but didn't.

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"As noted by the Epoch Times"


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"because no ethical prosecutor is allowed to put on as a witness, somebody who has told the lies and has contradicted himself so much.""

LOL...because Doucheowitz was somehow magically privy to secret grand jury testimony, he can draw this conclusion? What a freekin clownshow this delusion factory is.

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"There is no crime committed in any of the four allegations, and I prove that categorically in my book "Get Trump,"

HAHAHA.. my book my book buy my book...which contains none of the evidence presented secretly to the secret grand jury and which Captain Underpants was never privy to in any way, including testimony of Cohen, who has first hand knowledge about all of it.

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LOL...delusions and disinformation and conspiracy theories is all you guys have left. That's it. A completely fabricated, manufactured alternate reality that every breath of right wing media is designed to make you go violent over in an attempt to force the rest of us to live according to it instead of actual reality. Not happening. Bring it on. You know it's all you want. WE know it's all you want and that you daydream about it all day every day. So do it. We DARE you.

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