Thank you for compiling the videos. I am crossposting because I believe origin does matter, and it is not just a mere distraction. This is the formal process that is well overdue.

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The responsibility for every aspect of this man made disaster rests on the shoulders of Fauci and Collins. You can blame China for running a sloppy lab, but Fauci and Collins knew that, and used them anyway.

Fauci and Collins supported the GoF testing even though it was banned in the US

They both did everything they could to protect their asses, China's asses and the WHO's asses at a time when full disclosure could have greatly improved the world's response to the outbreak.

Whether Fauci and Collins intentionally supported the hysterical measures that were undertakes (School closures, lockdowns, etc) knowing they weren't warranted, or were just stupid is yet to be determined.

Fauci and Collins should both pay dearly for their crimes against humanity. They both should be fined at least double the amount of profits they made from patents, stocks, or whatever other compensation those scum got out of the pandemic.

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N Carolina Chapel Hill. Gain of Fauci.

Blaming China only instills in the weak minds of the populace, war w China good.


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All well and good.

Maybe it's time to hold these people accountable and be indicted and tried in a criminal court.

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Excellent. Thank you both, Kyle and Lee, for sharing. Gotta wonder, however, why so many government "health experts" are being thrown under the bus at the same time? Three years of Covid lies, deception, and evil gives me a tingling sense that there's a bigger badder agenda brewing. Make another lockstep case to turn all medical decisions over to the WHO and UN because governments across the globe "failed" during the plandemic bioweapon release?

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Had anyone looked at how Fauci and Pfizer tortured over 13,000 Foster Children back in the 80s - 90s during their illegal AIDS experiments, which criminal activity was confirmed by a Congressional Hearing in 2005, then they would have known the format being used on the entire world's population and the previous crimes of its orchestrators. They're running the same Plandemic with Covid and making a lot more money from it. Now The CCP is getting in on the action by having their Shenzhen Hepalink Group buy Cytovance Biologics, which will be the center point of its new mRNA Bio-weapons Production Hub in Oklahoma City's Innovation District - again - paid for with millions in tax payer's money through The OKC's MAPS 4 Project and Biden's Build Back Better funds.

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To the best of my understaning no sars-cov-2 virus was ever taken from a human and then sequenced to ascertain the actual genetic code of the said virus.

This never happens because virlologists can never actually find a virus in a human.

What happened with sars-cov-2 is a rough sample was taken from a patient and that sample was used to innoculate monkey kidney cells. Those money kideny cells were then starved and treated with vrious toxic antibiotics and when the cells died the virologits claimed this had to be because a virus was killing those cells.

(This is standard practice in virology, this is how they claim to prove any of the viruses exist)

The virologists then take electronmicrographs of the deacying cells and abtitarily declare certain particles to be 'the virus'.

Then the virologists have the entire sample analysed by a computer that determines what genetic sequences it can find in the mixture and puts together theoretical combinations that said genetic fragments could be ordered in.

This will usually throw up tens of thousands of possible combinations and then the virologist will arbitarily select one and declare it to be the genetic sequence of their new virus.

They can literally make up whatever they want, and they do, but no such genetic sequence exists in the natural world.

Virology and vaccinology are a massive fraud.

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Thanks for the attached videos. I previously only saw a few. I did watch hours of today’s hearing. Redfield’s responses and Rep’s questions were on target, with exception to the Dems who constantly went off of hearing subject to rant, esp McGovern from Massachusetts 😩 He was insufferable.

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