Donald Trump Just Gave Dems & Establishment GOP Their Worst Nightmare

The establishment GOP and the Democratic Party are already suffering a meltdown.

Donald Trump has been out of office for four days and he is already giving his Democratic Party and establishment GOP foes serious nightmares.

There is talk that he is considering support for forming a new ‘MAGA Party.’

This is the party name that is being bandied about in the now highly triggered left-wing press, accompanied by numerous vile tweets that Twitter apparently has no interest taking down. But it could easily be the case that the name for a potential new third party could be something else like “The Patriot Party.” [Read more.]

The Democrat-led House that voted to impeach President Trump with just two hours of debate for allegedly inciting an insurrection has appointed 9 impeachment managers to take their flimsy case to the Senate.

The Senate impeachment trial, scheduled for the week of February 8th, will assuredly be one of the most divisive and vitriol-fueled spectacles in American history. This will take place after a Biden campaign that promised restoring ‘civility’ and ‘unity’ to the country. The Democrats’ actions prove that they were lying to American voters. Try not to act so surprised.

The lead impeachment manager is Jamie Raskin. You might remember Raskin as having suggested the impeachment of Donald Trump two days before he was even sworn into office in 2017. [Read more.]

Meanwhile, there is plently of ‘miraculous’ coronavirus pandemic news.

The World Health Organization is raising eyebrows with an announcement on COVID-19 tests potentially leading to many “false positives.”

The WHO issued a memorandum that errors processing PCR (polymerase chain reaction) tests could lead to people wrongly being dubbed infected. [Read more.]

Then there’s this…

The U.S. news media appeared to be on a singular mission to take down a particular coronavirus treatment drug for no other reason that Trump touted it: Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ)…

Then came August. That is when a study mentioning HCQ flew underneath the radar for months. It features the use of the afore-mentioned drug, Hydroxychloroquine, alone and in combination with Azithromycin.

It was cited as published in the American Journal of Medicine… drum roll please… on January 1st. [Read more.]

But perhaps the most infuriating news comes from blue state governors and mayors who seem to have suddenly had an epiphany or who are otherwise dodging accountability.

All the children locked up at home, instead of at school or playing with their friends. All the small businesses shuttered and American dreams destroyed. All the economic opportunity wasted and plans put on hold. All a political game?

Four Democratic governors are doing nothing to allay those growing suspicions with what appears to be the political timing of recent easing of their respective states’ unlawful coronavirus lockdown restrictions. [Read more.]

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