Capitol Riots Exposed: Stunning Footage Reveals the Story is Worse Than We Thought

PLUS: Disturbing plot twist in the case of pro-Antifa/BLM activist John Sullivan...

The mainstream media is in an all-out propaganda war with Americans.

It is becoming so bad that the right gut-instinct for any big mainstream media story nowadays is that it is an outright lie written only to manipulate Americans.

CNN has had to walk back so many stories it’s hard to know if they get anything right.

One of the biggest narratives, that there was zero pro-Antifa/BLM involvement in the Capitol siege, was an early one that is steadily being eroded.

John Sullivan, the radical self-described revolutionary and Founder of Insurgence USA, video-recorded footage of what appears to be a “set up” that got Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt killed.

CNN had Sullivan on-air and uncritically aired his story. One of its reporters was actually with Sullivan, who has been charged for his role inciting the riot.

Despite being a self-described revolutionary and a key witness to the shooting of Babbitt, he was released without bail. He was charged after a violent riot prior.

The Department of Justice assures us that there will be a full investigation.

But after the release of more damning ‘Deep State’ documents, there is no confidence the Department of Justice is anything but a facilitator of injustice at this point.

The Capitol siege fallout is a complete wreck.

Washington D.C. looks like a warzone.

Where was all of this when Clinton-supporters went wild in 2017?

Real Trump supporters are staying far away from state capitols & D.C.

Meanwhile, Democrats have said nothing to heal the divisions and bring “unity.”

They are treating President Trump like an evil dictator, which is ridiculous.

This is just how absurd such claims really are:

Our hope now lies with the legacy of Trump in the federal judiciary:

Because we can no longer rely on the mainstream media to help defend our rights.

We need free speech now more than ever to fight fake news.

Correction: It was reported by left-wing journalist Max Blumenthal that John and James Sullivan’s adopted father is Ret. Air Force General Kevin Sullivan. This has been disputed and it appears there is no ready documentation. It has been withdrawn.