"Donald Trump's social media startup on Saturday announced that it secured $1 billion in new investment"...
If there were any justice at CNN, all of Chris Cuomo's colleagues who turned a blind eye to his unethical behavior would be on the "hot seat" as well.
If 99% of the elderly population are "vaccinated," and 87% "fully vaccinated," why are they dying at the same rates?
The FDA warning comes as vaccine-related fatalities and adverse events come under heightened scrutiny.
This is one of the most dangerous bills in a long time. 80 Republicans voted for it.
Germany will be enforcing a nationwide lockdown for the 'unvaccinated,' while pointing to surging coronavirus cases. The German government is effective…
Plus: Scientists have a *revealing* confession about the "totalitarian" agenda behind Covid hysteria.
The FDA panel approval of Molnupiravir is set to shake up the Covid therapeutics market. But is it just 'repackaged Ivermectin'?
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